What is Açaí?

Açaí is an antioxidant packed superberry found widely in the Amazon Rainforest in South America and packs numerous health benefits!

We serve it in the frozen pulp form topped with fresh fruits and carefully selected superfoods to create each acai bowl. Its texture is like a creamy sorbet, but it is completely organic, vegan and healthier.

Our açaí has one of the highest açaí content as we do not dilute it with artificial compounds or liquids to ensure that you taste the rich acai texture and flavour but also the wholesome healthiness that comes with each spoonful!

Are your acai products vegan/dairy-free/gluten-free?

Vegan – Yes, everything on the menu is vegan except the Acai Yoghurt (contains yogurt) and granola (contains honey). However, we do have an add-on option of vegan granola. All our rich nut butters are vegan!

Dairy-free – All our products are dairy free except for Acai Yoghurt (contains yogurt).

Gluten-free – All our products are also gluten free except for our granola

Can I leave my Açaí bowl overnight and eat it tomorrow?

It is recommended to eat the Açaí bowl within half an hour of purchasing it, before it melts and loses its freshness 🙂

However, if you would like to enjoy your Açaí bowl at a later time, you may request for us to separate the Açaí and all the other toppings. Store the Açaí in the freezer and the rest of the toppings in the fridge, and combine them when you’re ready to eat!

Also, we would strongly recommend that you get a pint of yummy Açaí instead and purchase the toppings separately, so you can assemble your own Açaí bowls anytime you wish.


What are Hokkaido Shakes?

Our premium luscious hokkaido shakes are lovingly made using air-flown milk from Hokkaido prefecture, Japan! You’ll have to taste them to know it yourself.


About Marcy Juices

Our Juices are pressed to order and we carefully select the freshest fruits and vegetables to serve you a tasty boost that is free of preservatives, added sugar and anything else!



I just placed an order. When will I receive the order?

Orders placed before 9pm will be delivered between 12pm – 4pm on the following day.

Please make sure that someone is around to receive the delivery